My Story

My name is Rocklin Broad and I am a 13 year old living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  I love to adventure, wakesurf, build and create things.  In May of 2022 I asked my mom to post my wands for sale on marketplace.  Then the biggest adventure of my life was created. While hand carving these wands was a hobby it then became something I could share with everyone. Turning a hobby into something more is what we all strive for.

My dream

Overnight this became an exciting new venture to help me save for my first truck.  My hope was to purchase a body of a 1950’s Truck to restore with my dad.  I have always had a thing for all things unique and knew that for my first truck I wanted something not everyone had.   I feel so very blessed. In a short 6 months I was able to purchase a 1953 Mercury who I named Myrtle. This couldn't be done without all of your support and so I am truly grateful. Keep in touch because I will share my journey with restoring her.